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Jared Howell episode

This episode was so inspiring and motivational! Much needed listen after 2020!

Marcus is 1 of 1

Loved being a guest on this podcast. Marcus made me feel so comfortable, was so person friendly, and is a genuine dude at heart. He recognizes people’s transformations and makes people feel special because of them.

Marcus Is the Real Deal

I loved being a guest on Transform U. Marcus opened to door to a genuine conversation on transformation topics. Marcus is fantastic at dancing with his guests to enrich the conversations and sharing of ideas.


Thanks to MARCUS HART to preaenting this kind of cast I love this!

Great cast

This is really inspring and culture trending cast. love this great cast.


This is my new favorite podcast show

Its another feather from your

This will sure be useful with your quality analysis .

A great show and really makes you think about things.

I love listening to the podcast. Really insightful and helps you think about life.

Very good show

I loved the host and Music! This was a very inspiring show!

Amazing show

This show really offers great music and interviews with experts that help inspire