Feb. 4, 2021

Victorious Mindset Mentor Nathanael Zurbruegg talks How to Really Apply What We Think

Victorious Mindset Mentor Nathanael  Zurbruegg talks How to Really Apply What We Think

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When it all fails can you still be victorious? You can choose to stay stuck in the rut that life puts you in and fuse yourself to the thought or you can have a mindset shift.  

Whatever we think we become and it’s our thoughts that we can use to apply into actionable steps towards success. 

In this episode, you will be introduced to Victorious Mindset Mentor Nathanael Zurburegg. His journey has taken him from being chronically ill for 30 years, having had medical prognosis like “He shouldn’t be able to walk, talk and should be death six times by now”!  

As well as going through 3 failed kidney transplants; over 4500 life-saving treatments so far; several depressions that one almost led to suicide and an 80% hearing loss that helps him to only hear what he really wants to hear! :) 

That all hasn’t stopped him from living a life above average. Becoming an entrepreneur, multiple award-winning global inspirational speaker, victorious mindset mentor, running a 30 km race, and more!  


“I believe that to inspire people to create a victorious mindset clears the way ahead to the unlimited life they desire.” 


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