Jan. 5, 2021

Can Enhancing Your Personal Accountability Help You Heal?

Can Enhancing Your Personal Accountability Help You Heal?

Photo Credit: Corey Towe

From the episode: How to Develop Personal Accountability and Win with Clothing Brand Mogul Jared Howell

Life happens to us without expectation and when it does who and what is the first thing to blame? Relationships has been the biggest struggle in my life and I use to take the position of victim and say had this person not done what they did or said those words I would be advancing myself much quicker. There's so truths in here, the truth is that yes it is easy to blame the other party, but yes also it is very much a real thing when someone has psychologically and emotionally abused us to the point that we think less of ourselves. I endured countless years of my fight with borderline personality disorder and didn't know how counteractive it was to stay in toxic relationships and situations where the symptoms of worthless feeling and codependency were enlarged ten times. After stumbling down pretty hard out of each of these relationships it was always tough to get back up. How do you recover when you are hurting so bad from just wanting to be loved and respected?

In my interview with clothing brand owner and mogul Jared Howell, he hit the nerves for people like me who had this been a few years ago would have been dying to know just how do you exactly transform yourself if the person you love or other family and friend support isn't there to validate it. Jared points at the importance of personal accountability and how you must exercise this muscle and really turn on the volume of positive support that comes around to encourage you to take responsibility for what your success will be when recovering from great pain. The Law of Attraction is a real thing and for Jared, it was actually what he needed to paint the life he wanted. The challenge in this episode will be for you to start doing the following that Jared did:

  • embrace your struggles, see them as a reevaluation, not a struggle.
  • Accept that narcissism exists, recognize the signs of it and understanding why it’s happening (most importantly get away from it)
  • SPEAK THINGS INTO EXISTENCE, the law of attraction and the power of it.

About Jared:

I’m just another guy but I’m indisputably unstoppable because my mentality has changed.
In 8 months I went from having no job, no money, no hope to being capped out at my job, living at a new apartment building in the city here in Seattle, starting my own business that I discovered is my passion, and became the best version of myself.

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