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Great podcast!

Awesome podcast if you want it straight forward and easy to listen too this is the podcast for you. Keep up the great work!

Great podcast!

Sounds like a good podcast. Can't wait

Very Good!

Sound like a good podcast. Can't wait


I love this podcast and host!

Not What I Expected, But Pleasantly Surprised

Really enjoy thier topics and honest reviews of things they have tried, will try and would not consider trying. Great interviews of interesting guests also. I take notes and learn something knew with every episode. Thank you.Learning at Home

Always Puts Me In A Good Mood!

I found this podcast since i’ve been staying at home and truly LOVE it! What a great way to pass the time learning new things. Love the host too!

Great podcast

Great podcast for a beginner!! Love listening! Keep up the good work.

How to Approach Change

Wow, what a great episode and a perfect example of what makes this podcast so good!

Love this Podcast!

My friend told me about this one since I've been listening to more podcasts lately and I'm hooked! Really interesting and useful information and the host asks great questions. Definitely recommended!


nice podcast


well done .


well podcast


100% reall podcast


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wosame Prodcast.


Very nice Prodcast.


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Making my way through and enjoying each episode. Hope the quality continues.


We love to see a good podcast


You know, I was the sort of person who took Watson for granted. Not anymore! This episode was really enlightening.


I listen to it so much


Maybe it's because I listen to it so much, but The Amelia Project's music feels iconic. Getting a behind the scenes glimpse was extra fascinating.


Great podcast

Very Good

I love this

nice podcast

i love it


I like this podcast


good podcast

Great podcast!

Love this podcast! In “Do Admirers and Chasers...” I really enjoyed how the host mentioned “Just because someone is chasing you doesn’t mean they have good intentions”. It is so true! In this day in age, it is so important to vet our relationships to make sure they’re authentic and well intentioned…

This podcast is great!

I really like this podcast. This is incredible and I’m subscribed and easy for more. Excellent!!!!

Super Podcast

The advice is very realistic, helpful and so cool! It’s also pretty funny some of the content!! When does it end? I don’t think it will end! Great work!

Absolutely love!

Amazing content and advice! It’s pretty incredible! Its really impactful and I love how this is a company building to make a difference! Thank you!

I love your podcast sooo coooooolllllll

This podcast is so insightful and helpful from down to earth people! I love the jokes, humor, touching stories, and insight.


Great advice! Old dating advice doesn't work! Thank you for this podcast! I'm a devoted listener! Pursuing Compatibility has a never-ending story! So much content!

Interesting show

Excellent advice that is touching and inspirational! I love all episodes so much! I thought the content about how to flirt with an oblivious woman is so funny! It made me laugh!


Realistic and helpful advice! Pursuing Compatibility's story never ends! You guys are amazing! She truly is the genie!

Good info,Thank you!

Annamarie directs impressive content, dating advice, and life coaching! Creativity is seriously the solution!

So much great content

Unique content! I'm struggling with mental health issues right now, and I really feel like Annamarie and Thomas understand what I'm going through!

Best ever

Overcoming my fear of rejection is hard! I love this podcast! It's from people that really lived through some obstacles! Pursuing Compatibility is awesome!

Will keep listening!!

Great advice! I was raised religious too, and got a lot of naive guidance! Thanks for such amazing content! It leaves me not knowing what to say every time! You guys are amazing!

Love the show

Wow, I never thought about how we have naive phases in life! It's so TRUE!!

positive podcast!!

Super helpful advice that is realistic, modern, and talks about naive phases!

Thank you!!

Incredible advice with real stories and episodes that are touching and impactful! Great content!

Such a great podcast!

Love this podcast. It is truly one of a kind as is the company and the host herself! Love it’s message and each podcast is better than the next! Keep up the good work!

One of my favorites

Amazing Content!!

5 star

Thank you for making such a fantastic podcast! Super helpful advice from modern dating to starting over to so many life experiences! It's incredible!

Excellent content

With Annamarie's remarkable true stories from a broad range of life experiences from facing obstacles combined with Thomas' life stories and impactful advice, I really love this podcast. I'm a devoted listener! Content is amazing!

Awesome podcast!!!

I love how this is a podcast and an ambitious creative company rising to the top! Annamarie is truly an ambitious creative leader, and Thomas brings an interesting life experience perspective as well!

Toooo Good

Oh my gosh, this podcast is so TRUE!!! It's crazy how realistic the perspectives they share! I never really thought about things in the way they talk about them!

Love it

I LOVE the episode on how to meet the parents the smart way! Who would have thought about that!??

Highly reccomend

The founder and cohost are impressive in how they present the content! Assessing our modern dating culture as well other interesting society's issues is truly fascinating!

Awesome. Best podcast ever.

The episode about comparing generations is something I never thought about in-depth until Annamarie and Thomas talked about it! Wow!!!! Such amazing content!!

So good!

The content is impressive! Creative! Funny! Realistic! Truly one of a kind!

Great podcast!

The content of this podcast is fantastic! Some of the content is mind-blowing where it leaves me speechless!

i LOVE it!

This podcast has an incredible founder’s story and inspirational message! It is truly one of a kind and incredibly interesting to listen to the episodes! I'm a devoted listener! Thanks for making them! Great job!


Content is awe-inspiring! Every time I listen to this podcast, I'm touched, and it is fascinating!

Great podcast

This is such a great podcast. It answers questions that you’ve always wondered, like why is it hard for men to express themselves in relationships?? Great podcast, lots of details, very informative!


Relationships can be so difficult for people to decipher and shows like this that talk about these things in a natural and realistic way can really help.

Great show!

This show does a great job of presenting common relationship problems and ideas in a conversational way that is relatable and entertaining.

Loved it

Annemarie is a very energetic and funny host first off. In our modern social networked world relationships have become perhaps even more complicated and difficult. This is a great show to help see through to fog and think realistically and intelligently when it comes to these relationships.

Amazing content

This podcast is so incredibly inspiring!! It’s also insightful, creative, funny and unique! I love it! I cannot wait for more!