March 30, 2021

Dating Tips: Dating In A Bar Safely I Alcohol and Dating

Dating Tips: Dating In A Bar Safely I Alcohol and Dating

Are we truly naive when it comes to our bar dating experiences?

There are many cases where the bar outing can become hell really quickly when you combine alcohol and dating. The most concerning of it all is when someone buys you a drink. Are you letting them order the drink and then you personally grab it from the bartender or do you provide a little trust in someone you think would not cause you any harm. These are the subtle things we have to let brim in our minds. 

Additionally, in the current environment, we are in you have to consider things such as going out with a mask. Most people are very concerned about how they will be perceived among others or even their date. It can be tricky and also very scary. Do you keep the mask on the entire date or do you find opportunities to take it off and properly social distance?

The video will provide more guidance on how you can date in this new "normal" and more old traditions that don't fade away. 

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