Pursuing Compatibility Podcast

Pursuing Compatibility Podcast

Welcome to Pursuing Compatibility. Annemarie Sheridan founded Pursuing Compatibility because of her own love and life struggles. Bored with the same old, same old services out there, she took matters in her own hands and is making a change. Life experience from gaining a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Graphic Design, teaching English as a Second Language in South Korea and Canada for 9 years, independently studied conflict resolution and cross cultural communication, experienced with travel and cultural immersion, cultural competence trainer, experienced public speaker, aspiring writer, artist and creative problem solver.

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About the Host



Directly after facing difficult heartbreak, multiple devastating economic setbacks, finding secure employment, and health issues, I decided to make a fiercely creative company to prove to the public that I have a lot to offer society and will not be dismissed. Taking everything I have learned to direct humanity to a whole new level of knowledge and perspectives.

In summary, Pursuing Compatibility is a social enterprise and a uniquely innovative company primarily focused on assessing society's issues and thinking of innovative, creative solutions to make it better. We are currently helping the loneliness statistics, reducing the divorce rate, easing heartbreak, and evaluating other society's issues. Ultimately, this will also help make America better than #19 on the World Happiness Index with a creative twist!

Whether we want to admit it or not, all of us are in this life together, and we need to start doing better. Why stay stuck when we can realize our full potential? I'm not giving up on our happiness. How about YOU?"

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Pursuing Compatibility Podcast

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