Is this Another Way Facebook Can Collect Your Data (2021)

July 30, 2021

Facebook is set to release its new Rayban glasses. Everyone is on alert to find out will this be a sneaky new way for Facebook to collect more of our data. What are your thoughts? Find out in this episode and much more. For more information go to...

Bacteria that Can Clean Car Batteries (2021)

July 27, 2021

The increasing number of electric cars means more car batteries that are to be recycled. But how about an innovative idea to use bacteria to clean them? There may be implications to this that is harmful to the environment. Check out this and more tech...

Unboxing of new iPhone 12 Pro Max and Review (2021)

July 12, 2021

The New iPhone 12 Max Pro is out and here is the latest unboxing on it. Incidentally if you have a product and want me to unbox and review it, there is not charge it is completely free; just msg me here I will be happy to do it. You just need to...

This #1 Tip Will Help You Feel Better Now (2021) [Catherine Leonard]

July 9, 2021

Interview of Catherine Leonard by John As the author and founder of Catherine's Divine Riches Project:Life Empowerment Fast Tracks for Life Change™, she'll share insights and give tips that she discovered for herself in overcoming devastating life...

BOSCH Dishwasher SHP88PZ55N01 Review (2021)

July 3, 2021

BOSCH Dishwasher SHP88PZ55N01 Review. What are your thoughts after hearing this. Will you buy this or not? Do you do a lot of dishwashing already? Find more information at https://jmor.com

Facebook TikTok and Google Standing Up Against Online Abuse of Women (2021)

July 2, 2021

Facebook, TikTok, and Google are among most online sites and social media platforms that will launch more policies to protect the abuse of women online. This should be very interesting as many are wondering will it alienate other groups who are also...

JMOR Review of Bonsaii 3S30

June 26, 2021

Review of Bonsaii 3S3. Is this a good buy or not? What are your thoughts? Find more information at https://jmor.com

FLOP and Mark Cuban’s new investment [with Business Strategist Krista (Botsford) Crotty]

June 15, 2021

Are you currently searching for the right way to organize your business through this pandemic? By the way, did you hear about Mark Cuban's new tech investment? Learn this and more on the JMOR Tech Show! Join us for the second part of this episode...

Uncovers Secrets of UX and ML Machine Learning with Musician and Design Brian T ONeill

June 15, 2021

Find more information and full show details at https://jmor.com

Get these INSIGHTS on COVID and Anti Aging (2021) [Expert Dr Michael Hutchison]

June 14, 2021

Check out full episodes in audio podcast format on any podcast app or by going to https://www.spreaker.com/show/jmor-te... Find more about JMOR! https://jmor.com

Sara Harberson Gives Best Advice for College Kids and Parents in (2021)

June 14, 2021

John Interviews Sara Haberson Sara Harberson is known as America's College Counselor. She is a nationally recognized authority on elite college admissions with the philosophy that every kid applying to college deserves the best advice. Her...

No More Photo Storage on Google [2021] (Interview with John R Dallas Jr)

May 15, 2021

Do you currently backup your photos to the Google storage cloud? What if the limit was reduced or completely removed? Find out what’s really going on! In this episode, John Morley along with co-host Marcus Contrell Hart provided the latest updates in...

How Tinder is Scapegoating Others for Underage Exposure to App [2021] (tech news)

May 8, 2021

Did Tinder know underage minors were accessing their app and creating profiles? Why are Google and Apple solely responsible for Tinder's negelience? Find out this latest with John on the JMOR Tech Talk Show! #Tinder #datingapp #technews...

A.I. and Robotics with a US Marine Veteran | Paul Claxton

April 25, 2021

John Morley talks with AI and Robotics entrepreneur Paul Claxton to discuss new sustainability solutions and programming that are underway. More tech news and updates with Marcus Contrell Hart on the front and back end of the broadcast. Find more...

The Robotics of Healing and Understanding the Vaccine

April 12, 2021

Can we fight things with our own immunity and things that aren't pharmaceutical? Why have so many excuses been made to jump past what can help us in Western society? These questions are pondered with Dr. James Granger and some interesting revelations...

Learning The Power of Awareness and Apple vs Telsa

April 5, 2021

John Morley interviews the author of The Eggshell Effect, Joel Holc to introduce us to the power of awareness. What's also happening with Apple and Telsa. Is it game on with Elon Musk? For more information visit: https://jmor.com

The First Man to Talk on a Cell Phone Martin Cooper

April 5, 2021

Who did the first man to talk on a cell phone call? Martin Cooper has a conversation with John Morley to take us back in time and describe the experience. Tune in more for tech updates, news, and more. For more information: https://jmor.com

Tech News: Turning Waste into Something Useful

March 16, 2021

Everything from fabric to textiles is being used repurposed or used differently. The bigger subject sustainability and how we can take the everyday things we take for granted or oftentimes toss out and make last longer or repurpose them so we aren't...