Dec. 9, 2020

Baggage Claims - Getting Stuck in Life

Baggage Claims - Getting Stuck in Life

Photo Credit to Fox Searchlight Pictures - Baggage Claim (Film)

Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay


When thinking about the movie Baggage Claim. This particular episode is a bit from the spin off of the typical things that gets us all into a jam we have to move out of. 

movie poster for the film Baggage Claim

Pathologically single, 30-something, "Trans-Alliance" airline flight attendant, Montana Moore (Paula Patton) is on a mission to get her overbearing, frequently married, mother (Jenifer Lewis) to stop pressuring her to get married. After being jilted by Graham (Boris Kodjoe), Seat 5C, her only prospect, just as her younger sister, Sheree (Lauren London), becomes engaged.  ("20th Century Fox: 'Baggage Claim'." British Board of Film Classification, September 2, 2013. Retrieved: December 9, 2020)


It is easy to get stuck at the baggage claims of life. It is time now to go get your beauty for the ashes of all the pain, trauma, abandonments, and dysfunctions that you have suffered in life. Today it's time to walk in the freedom of your promises.